Thursday, April 21, 2016

Natural Ways To Polish Old Tarnished Silver

I Love Polishing Old Silver. Seeing the Old Tarnished Piece Give Way to Shiny and Sometimes Blissfully Gleaming Silver, Makes the time I put into it Seem very worth while. But I don't like chemicals and Fumy acid smells and awful stuff that makes your skin burn. So here's a really easy way and also safe way to keep your silver looking almost just as good as the day it was made.

Tooth Paste! Yes, that is right get an old cloth and some cheap toothpaste at the dollar store and your good to go. Just make sure it's the paste and not gel.

Now if it's REALLY Tarnished you Know with those Kind of Blackish Pits going on, Don't Despair Simply boil up some water, get a nice long roasting pan or use your sink and line it with Aluminum foil. Now add a tablespoon ea, of Baking Soda and Salt and pour the boiling water over the mixture
( Be careful here! ) Plop in the Tarnished Silver and wait a few moments ( up to 30 Minutes if real bad.) and Voila! You'll Be amazed!! Gorgeous silverware you can be proud to use! Oh if any Black Stuff remains.. well, simply finish polishing it with the toothpaste and a cloth. Hope You enjoyed this little tip.



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