Thursday, July 30, 2015

Why I love Wedding Blogs: It's Not Easy Being a Mother of the Groom

My son is soon to be married and while I'm certainly happy and excited to be gaining a very sweet and loving future daughter in law, I'm also just a bit apprehensive for them both. I'm sure any mom who has gone through the whole wedding scene can understand why. First and foremost, you hope that they can stay happy together for a really, really long time, maybe long enough to celebrate at least 60 years plus? Am I asking too much here? Well alright, I can't worry about the future, nor can I predict it, but what I can do is to try my best to help make their first most happy celebration as  stress free and joyful as it can possibly be. But as mother of the groom, my role is quite limited. After all, tradition still has it that the bride's parents usually help to plan and pay for most or at least half of the expenses if they can afford to-and yes that's a real plus I'm not complaining- also of course, if all is well in the family, the bride may want her mother involved more than anyone else- so I know to tread lightly here- once again no complaints. That's exactly why I write this. The biggest no- no of all of course, is being that interfering third person, which just serves to add more stress to everyone as they trudge thru the barrage of  the many details of planning, budgeting, hiring, searching etc. As a mother, you simply want to be as helpful and as unobtrusive as possible. So, while I've always scanned websites for everything from recipes to decorating and entertaining tips, this time, it has been the many incredibly useful wedding blogs that have really helped me to do just that in my quest to provide helpful and useful assistance. Here is the top three for me anyway of my all time favorite blogs for wedding help, advise, suggestions and great ideas...

A Practical Wedding ( Need I Say More, just about every useful & money saving articles and answers you can ask for!)

Style Me Pretty ( An absolutely charming and useful wedding blog!)

The Wedding Bee ( Here is a fun and Informative forum for upcoming Brides )
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