Friday, January 9, 2015

An English Teaparty Menu

I really love entertaining. But for me half the fun is creating a beautiful and fun setting.

A few years ago, I had invited a few of my friends over for an old fashioned afternoon teaparty with an english theme. It was complete with vintage china, polished silverware, garden music and of course a menu that seemed right out of a classic novel. And it was Fun! Yes, we wore hats and even sited a few quotes of poetry. Stuffy Sounding? Silly? Well, actually with all the laughter and wonderful discussions of our favorite tear jerker movies and books, I really don't think we cared.

I planned the event about 2 weeks prior. The invitations were sent out at about 1 week before. I printed them up on ivory parchment paper purchased at an office supply store using an english styled font, a pretty teal ink and one tiny vase of flowers with a bunny peaking out in the corner of each invite. They also were cut down to envelope size so no folding was needed.
Once that was accomplished I concentrated on the menu. I had already decided what it would be. Since it was featuring a lobster bisque, pricing everything at the local grocers and finding the best sales was important to keep costs at bay. I actually used only one large lobster tail and mixed in a quality canned lobster which reduced the price enough so I could serve 12 small portions.

Here is the Menu I chose....

Lobster Bisque in Pastry Shells ( Thanks for This oh So Easy Recipe Lacy!!)
Chicken Salad on Mini Crescents ( So Many Very Fresh Tasting From )
Raspberry Scones w Clotted Cream ( Compliments of Maria & Josh!)
Chocolate Covered Strawberries ( My Good Friend Brought These!)
Buckingham Palace Tea  (Favorite Online Tea Store!)
Londontown Darjeeling Tea ( I had Purchased This tea while on Vacation in Maryland)

I also made sure to have iced water flavored with fresh fruit and lemons in the event someone could not drink tea. You could also serve an herbal tea for those that cannot tolerate caffeine.

You can Pretty much find everything, even pretty affordable teacups at the English tea store but well, when it comes to clotted cream or rather Devonshire Cream as it's often called, I like to make my own. You can Learn more about this silky & wonderful thick cream and even get some recipe links here. I hope I've inspired you to have your own English themed teaparty perhaps? Let me know how it went if you do!