Saturday, July 18, 2015

How To Create a Vintage Look Using Mismatched China

Anyone that knows me knows that I absolutely love to create what I like to call "Theme Entertaining." To me, it means taking one back to a special place or time, whether it be an exotic location such as Italy or the Charming bygone Era of an Afternoon Tea, I try to have everything set up as perfect as possible right down to the printed menu and the appropriate music to go along with it. ( One of my friends named me "the "entertainment perfectionist") That being said I always do so on a very strict budget.Which is exactly why I write this. Because now is a very popular time for mismatched ANYTHING Mismatched Silverware, Plates, Teacups (ohh talk about the mismatched teacups right? ) Who doesn't love them? So I hope to inspire and to give you some wonderful Ideas to create that charming or whimsical setting using mismatched anything and everything! Here are some of my favorites...

 Tip #1: Look For Fun Color Combinations:
As you can easily see by the two pictures above virtually any combo can work together. This colorful mismatched plate ensemble have similar size and shape but also all have bright flowers which actually help to give the look of a pretty summer garden.

Tip #2. Go For Unique Shapes:
Here I paired a small round vintage dessert plate with an unique octagon shaped salad plate. Both go together very well due to the size element with one actually framing the other but also they both have similar a soft cream or Ivory color.

Tip # 3. Add the Element of Charm Using Napkins
I really love using old vintage hankies, ribbons and even herbs and flowers to wrap up silverware. Try experimenting with different napkin folds too. Of course the silverware is also mismatched.

Tip # 4. Bring Out The Fun Stuff
This table setting has a 1950's theme simply because I wanted to use all my favorite pieces.
Note the little piggy on the table and the retro 60's vase holding some extra knives. It's colorful but also fun! So if you've got it hidden away .. bring it out and use it!

I hope you enjoyed my Ideas and on your next fun theme party send me your pictures I'd love to see what YOU come up with!

My Favorite Look Summertime Garden Theme Mismatched Teacups and Saucers
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