Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My Etsy Lovables

I don't know when it exactly happened, but I do remember browsing through the little Etsy shops from day to day, I would even find quite a few items I would actually mark in my favorites and I can't actually remember even registering or ..even why. After all, I had no unique crafting skill and I felt a little envy for so many that seem to be able to pick up a sewing needle or paint brush or a piece of clay and transform the once plain boring piece of medium into something really cute, adorable or better yet absolutely wonderful. That's what this blog is all about right?

So I kept coming back and eventually I caught on and even opened my own Etsy shop or rather Boutique as I like to call it. No, it does not have any incredibly new inventions of fabulous hand crafted jewelry nor even stylish vintage pieces of  fashions, -although soon maybe, Hopefully? But I love the fact that I can present beautiful pictures of vintage china or anything interesting that I find and perhaps sell a few pieces as well. That being said, here are some of my absolute favorite finds on Etsy...

These beach cottage wedding paper cones can be used for pew decorations or as a unique alternative for your bridesmaids and flower girls to carry down the aisle. They are eco friendly being made from new and vintage recycled materials including vintage sheet music, burlap, peach raffia, aged rope, moss and sea shells.  From

Now Here's a Fun Housewarming Present that I can easily recommend as I actually purchased these Screened towels for a friend and she Loved them. I have to admit they went pretty good with her eclectic Eggplant and leopard print style. MonkeyMindDesigns

Oh and of Course Here's My Boutique of Vintage Collectables...